Specialized transportation

Nationwide Express Delivery via Courier:

  • Distribution of study medication, controlled drugs and clinical trial supplies;
  • Pick-ups and deliveries of biological samples (UN2814 / UN3373 or Exceptions);
  • Delivery services throughout Brazil through a network serving more than 60 cities;
  • On-demand services on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays or after working hours;
  • Appropriate packaging supplied for each type of material;
  • Purchase and supplying of dry ice and gel packs;
  • Controlling and recording of materials temperatures in transit;
  • Real-time monitoring of all deliveries, from the moment they are picked-up until the final delivery into the hands of the consignee;
  • Legal document assistance for the transportation of biological samples;
  • Vehicle fleet with temperature controls and monitoring (2-8°C | 15-30°C );
  • Fleet tracking via GPS and remote monitoring system.