Logistics Management

Specialized Clinical Trial Logistics Management:

  • Storage and distribution of study medication, controlled drug and healthcare materials;
  • Control of the inventory, the expiry date and the stock of investigational products throughout validated computerized systems (WMS);
  • Double check of materials’ receipts and dispatches;
  • Identification of materials using bar codes and serial numbers for full traceability;
  • Control of the reception, inspection and dispatching of investigational materials through IVRS and/or IWRS;
  • Relabeling and re-validation of study drugs;
  • Patient kits assembly and identification (randomized, blinded or open blind);
  • Comparators sourcing and distribution;
  • Reverse logistics controls for the return of obsolete investigational materials, including incineration and issuance of destruction certificates;
  • Distribution of products within Brazil, providing our own SafeLab invoices (nota fiscal);
  • Climate-controlled areas: 2-8°C | 15-25°C | room temperature;
  • Storage areas with temperature and humidity controls, including backup systems;
  • Real time temperature- and humidity-monitoring system, with automatic alarm in case of excursion;
  • Property surveillance with guards 24/7/365, CCTV and motion detectors;
  • Vehicle fleet with monitored and controlled temperatures(2-8°C | 15-30°C |room temperature);
  • Insurance coverage against fire, theft and/or deterioration of material.